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We're transforming customer service in every industry where customers are captive to conversational menu options and waiting on hold.

We're starting in the real estate investment industry, with helping real estate investors qualify their leads with speed and efficiency so they can focus on buying more houses.

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Elements Of A Great Conversation

How you use these components will either drive your revenues up and costs down, or frustrate your customers and ruin your brand.

Contextual Understanding

Context: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. Context is key to knowing what to say, when to say it and how it should be said.

Familiar UX

Menus are how we order food at a restaurant, not how we communicate. Human beings have an innate sense of when they are trying to be tricked, which breaks trust instantly. Meeting your customers where they are used to communicating, like via text messaging, immediately puts them in a place where they are at ease and ready to talk.

Focus On Them

Customers' expectations have been let down too many times with getting stuck in the infamous "sorry, I didn't get that" loop. Being able to keep the focus of the conversation on their desires and needs (while collecting the information you need) will generate much better results than conversational questionnaires.

A Conversational Agent
Built To Last

Integrating technology into your business is expensive. Do it once, and enjoy the benefits below
Always Improving

Truly learning from every conversation it has, no need to keep an eye on it. Show it how you company works and stand back and watch.

No Turnover

No more 40% turnover. No retraining costs, countless job applications or HR issues. Just consistent, quality service that your customers will love.

One Agent For It All

Qualify leads, schedule appointments, handle customer service issues and more. Seriously.

Industries We Are Serving

These are some of the industries we will be disrupting customer service in first! See what we're up to below

Real Estate

Qualify your inbound seller leads and set appointments to buy more houses than ever before. Generate traffic, we'll instantly convert them to leads and pass them right back to you!


Coming Soon

Airline Management

Coming Soon

Bank and Credit Unions

Coming Soon

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(With a human). While we're not there yet, we hope to let our AI take your calls and answer your questions in the near future!
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