The World's Only All-In-One AI Powered Off Market Real Estate Lead Generation and Qualification

We qualify leads with speed and efficiency so real estate investors can focus on buying more houses.

Our Process

You simply sign up and integrate ARES our Real Estate Superqualifier into your existing lead and traffic generation channels. (Like your website or SMS)


ARES goes to work qualifying inbound interested sellers instantly! Even while you sleep. Asking questions, handling objections. Much like a ninja.


Once a conversation is complete, ARES pulls the most important pieces of that information and packages that information and puts it right in your CRM as a fresh lead!

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Companies we seamlessly integrate with

to make your life easy

Lead Generation and Automatic Qualification for Real Estate Investors. The intelligence and bandwidth of a 1,000 AQMs in one

Custom Pricing Plans to Meet Your Needs

We got your back--we get paid per lead we actually qualify for you, so we’re incentivized to have you buy as many houses as possible, and therefore generate as much tasty traffic as you can for us to qualify.

Scales as you Scale!

Eliminates the lead qualification bottleneck with unlimited capacity to handle leads

Let Us Handle The Qualification

Our tech builds trust and rapport while getting the information you want so they enter your CRM warm and ready to make a deal

Automatic Prioritization

We rank and prioritize leads after our conversation with them so you know who to focus on and who to put in follow ups, and who’s worth making an appointment with.

The Titan Difference

We know how to qualify Leads

Our team has had 20,000+ conversations with sellers and has wholesaled over 100 properties in 18 months

No Training Required

We require no training. In fact, we get better every single day from the 1000s of conversations we have each week. (Can your AQMs say the same?)

The best customer support
in the industry

World class customer service and support to help you get set up every step along the way

Exclusive access to rock-bottom low lead gen pricing

Access to industry-lowest pricing for data and direct mail that plugs into our system to effortlessly scale your marketing without adding complexity

Our Team

The Titan X team consists of developers, data scientists, and industry experts who are committed to building innovative, world-class products that create the smoothest customer experiences. We were founded in 2019 and are committed to excellence, authenticity and ethical growth.

William Brown
Wasiq Mamum
Lead Developer
Seth Carstens
Vice President of Product and Engineering
Chanelle Truong
Admin Manager
Kris Chou
Lead Back End Developer
Interested in Joining
the Titan X Team?
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Full Time
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October 1, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Software Development Engineer
Full Time
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October 1, 2021
If you got to choose how many qualified leads landed in your CRM each many houses could you buy?

Soon you’ll be able to text us and ask us your questions. For now, we’re focused on learning to qualify real estate leads first.

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